Pak Mail – Excellence delivered

Gil Karpel opened Pak Mail Boulder in 1986, the same year the Macintosh Plus computer debuted, and Top Gun was a box office hit.

“We’ve seen major changes and survived it all,” says Gil. Read more

Pedestrian Shops – Building a lasting business one step at a time

Since 1969, the family-owned Pedestrian Shops has been dedicated to the mission of encouraging customers to enjoy life and take a walk. They achieve this goal through a simple formula, providing quality goods and friendly personal service.

“I feel like part of the extended family,” admits Whitney Maurer, an Assistant Manager who has been with the store for nine years. Read more

Barris Laser & Skincare – Growing gracefully in Boulder for 20 years

After graduating from the University of Vermont, Dana Barris Brenick moved to Breckenridge and then San Francisco before settling in Boulder, were the small-town feel and active lifestyle felt like home. It was here, while hiking Sanitas, that Dana contemplated a career in either real estate or electrolysis, something she had been introduced to back in college. She settled on the latter and opened Barris Laser & Skincare in 1997.

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