Le Peep, a Boulder Tradition


If you have lived in Boulder long enough there is a good chance you’ve spent many weekend mornings at a table in Le Peep. And if you’re really in the know, your favorite feature of the establishment is their two-top table closest to the kitchen that comes with free Gooey Buns as compensation for the less desirable location. But it’s more than the sweet treats that made this restaurant a Boulder staple for 34 years.

Just ask the general manager Garry Edwards. A Boulder native and Fairview High School alumni, Garry has been coming to Le Peep with friends and family for years, making this place like a second home to him. He started working there while he was in high school but left to pursue school and a ‘real job.’ But the place drew him back time and again until he finally decided to jump all in as General Manager. When asked what it was about Le Peep that he valued most, Garry kept coming back to the staff, “I love the people here. There’s always good vibes and a really great environment. You can tell that everyone who works here really cares about their customers. It is the neighborhood spot for a lot of people.”

Le Peep has grown significantly since its founding in 1972 in Aspen, Colorado. It now boasts 8 Colorado locations and another 41 in 13 other states and they show no signs of slowing down. It would be easy to assume that as a business grows that much, especially a restaurant, the quality of food and service could slip. However, when Alan Teran licensed the first franchise at the Village Shopping Center in 1985 he refrained from joining the corporation, enabling him to maintain some independence. Teran, who also owns and operates The Cork, knew what he was doing. Today that allows them to, “do their own thing,” according to Garry. Their menu looks a little different from the other the establishments and they can source more ingredients locally like their eggs which come from Morning Fresh farms in Longmont.

Next time you stop by Le Peep Garry recommends that you try the breakfast burrito, currently his favorite menu item. If you need another reason to make Le Peep your brunch spot this weekend Garry promises some of the fastest service in town, “Sure you can go to some new trendy spot in town but you will be waiting at least an hour and who knows how long that place will last. Here, I have the best kitchen staff around. They make really good food quickly and with care.” It’s that kind of approach that has kept this restaurant around for decades and promises many more to come.