The Little Yoga Studio delivers big on life balance


For Kelly Elle Kenworthy, co-owner of The Little Yoga Studio, discovering yoga as a college student proved to be one of the most significant moments in her life.

“Something in that class clicked and that’s why I started my journey,” says Kelly. “For so many people struggling to find their path, trying yoga is a last resort. It was for me.”

After completing her yoga teacher training in L.A., Kelly moved to Boulder in 2010 where her path crossed future business partner, Amy Benton, in the most unlikely way.

As the founder of The Little Yoga Studio, Amy placed an ad in Craigslist for an instructor. Kelly showed up at Amy’s house to audition for the job and they have been working together ever since.

No stranger to successful partnerships, Amy, a trained chef originally from Baton Rouge, also cofounded Big Red F Restaurant Group. The award-winning group is behind concepts like Jax Fish House, Zolo Grill, Lola Costal Mexican, The Post Chicken & Beer, among others.

The Little Yoga Studio opened in the Village in September 2011. By November 2012, Kelly was an official business partner. Today, Kelly is the managing partner and majority owner, but Amy and Kelly still make every decision together.

“She is the sister I never had. Our strengths complement each other,” admits Kelly.

With a Masters in counseling and experience as a headhunter, Kelly always knew she wanted to be a business owner, but she also wanted to be someone who guides people, which made this opportunity a natural fit.

The studio’s 24 yoga instructors each have an impressive seven years or more of experience. As for the staff, they participate in a unique program where they trade their time in the studio (doing things like run the front desk) for yoga classes.

“There is a beautiful sense of equity, no egos,” says Kelly.

The women-owned studio is a community that has evolved “beautifully and organically” as Kelly puts it. The Little Yoga Studio offers a broad range of classes from beginner to advanced, as well as private classes, and it’s also a registered teacher school with the Yoga Alliance.

“The path of yoga is very wide,” says Kelly. “You have an opportunity within the practice to step out, then get back on the path. You can always begin again.”

The Little Yoga Studio prides itself on being different. They are a teacher-driven, secular yoga studio where your wellbeing is their highest priority. Their mission has been, and continues to be, to provide affordable classes to all people while cultivating a wonderful place to teach for their gifted teachers!